Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable (BAER)

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The Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable is an informal gathering of ergonomic specialists and professionals who meet to promote ergonomics and to exchange ergonomic technical information and ideas.

The goal of the Roundtable is to provide a forum for ergonomic specialists and professionals to meet monthly hosted by various Silicon Valley companies. Typically guest members present on a pertinent topic each meeting. The meeting provides a forum for members to get assistance with ergonomic issues or present ergonomic process, workstation, and product solutions amoungst their peers. The Roundtable also creates networking opportunities for ergonomic specialists and professionals.

BAER brings Bay Area ergonomic practitioners together for a common cause


When WE Meet

We meet monthly on most occasions. We meet online or at a host organization. Every meeting features a guest speaker presenting a timely and informative topic.

If you are interested in speaking for BAER, please contact Kim Granata-Clark at